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The snöball effect

92% of people trust word-of-mouth

snöball helps you cultivate trust and authenticity by putting word-of-mouth to work. Give your event’s influencers an easy-to-use event marketing tool that allows them to amplify your face-to-face and virtual event reach while tending to their own digital brand.

How cool is that?

◦ Promote sessions
◦ Offer exclusive offers
◦ Position them as thought leaders
◦ Promote booth
◦ Share exclusive product/service offers
◦ Special announcements
◦ Book one-on-one meetings
◦ Enhance brand notoriety
◦ Promote onsite activation
◦ Gain authority and credibility
◦ Promote their own digital brand
◦ Build their influencer's reputation

Here’s how the ball rolls

Launching a snöball for your face-to-face or virtual event is as simple as 1-2-3!

One file

To get the ball rolling, all we ask from you is one excel file, 5 fields. Period.

Personalized landing pages

Snöball generates unique, branded landing pages for each of your speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, with their custom information.

New marketing channel

Reach new, untapped potential attendees you would not normally have access to. Expand your event exposure.

snöball features

Designed to generate higher results for your face-to-face / virtual event

Fully customizable landing pages

  • Unique, personalized URLs
  • Sponsors / exhibitor logos
  • Booth number, headshots, presentation title
  • Incentivization programs like VIP codes, discounts

Automated email campaigns and social media posts

  • Fully customized influencer email campaign
  • Pre-written personalized social media posts
  • Shareable assets
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Monitoring and analytics

  • Monitor social mentions
  • Gather data on landing page traffic
  • Track conversions
  • Reward most active influencers

Fully scalable

No matter the size of your snö fort, snöball can work for you

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The snöballers

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