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New Apps Make Event Influencer Marketing Easy

When Kim Kardashian posts a photo of a new loose powder pigment eyeshadow to her 120 million followers, she immediately gets 384,607 likes, and product sales raise more than eyebrows. That, my friends, is how you “break the internet.” How can you harness some of that celebrity juice for your event? The key, according to event tech experts, is to focus on micro-influencers to reach the right audience and motivate them to take extreme action—that is, show up at the ballroom.

The Trust Factor

Rachel Stephan, founder of snöball event influencer marketing, explains the shift to getting people to talk about your event—instead of buying ads to tell people about the event—with one word: “trust.” She points to studies that show that only 30 percent of people believe what they read in ads, yet an overwhelming 92 percent trust word-of-mouth recommendations.